Athens Aikido Society and Shiseikan Budojo

In 1991 and 1992 members of the Athens Aikido Society traveled to Japan where they trained at the  Shiseikan Budojo under the guidance of master Minoru Inaba sensei (9th Dan Aikikai, 稲葉稔). The Shiseikan Budojo is located within Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park and operates under the auspices of the Meiji Temple. Since then the Society maintains close relationships with particular Shiseikan with its previous director Minoru Inaba as well as its current one Araya Takashi. Its members often travel to Japan for training and participate in international seminars organized by Europe’s dojo that are related to Shiseikan (ISBA link).

Short CV of Inaba sensei

The Minoru Inaba (稲葉稔, 9th Dan Aikikai) started training in the martial arts and Aikido in 1962 at the age of 18. He was a pupil of the famous teacher of Aikido Seigo Yamaguchi. Also the Inaba sensei studied under K the famous unii Zen’ya(1894-1966), the 18th hereditary teacher (soke) of Kashima shin-ryu, from 1965 until the latter’s death. In October 1973 he began teaching at Shiseikan budojo that was at a the time under the direction of Shihan Tanaka (9th Dan Aikikai). Directorship was later passed to Inaba-sensei until his resignation in 2009. Since 2009 the director (Kancho) of Shiseikan is Araya Takashi.

Short CV of Araya sensei

The Araya Takashi (荒谷卓) was formerly a student of Inaba sensei and an Officer (Colonel) of the Japanese army from which he resigned in 2007 to take the position of director of the Shiseikan Budojo. He was the founder and first Commander of the special forces of the Japanese army.