History of the Society and the Dojo

The Kareas Dojo of the Athens Aikido Society, is the oldest Aikido Dojo in Greece and has been in operation for the past 30 years. Founded in 1981 by students of Costa, who introduced the Aikido in Greece during the mid 1970s.
The Dojo of Karea was based on a core of students and young people, who were mostly members of the Aikido Dojo of the University which was founded in 1978. By the end of the 1980s the main episkeptwn trainer of both Dojo and the Karea Kanetsuka Politehniou str. sensei (7th Dan Aikikai) who conducted a two annual seminars in Greece.
In the early 1990 ‘s he Karea Dojo create strong ties with Inaba Minoru sensei (8th Dan Aikikai) former Kancho (dieythinti) of Shiseikan Budojo, Tokyo, Japan. Thereafter, follow the guidelines and teaching of Inaba sensei, which relies heavily on Kashima Shin ryu kenjutsu. Its members regularly visit dojo Karea Shiseikan and to participate in international seminars conducted in Europe by Inaba sensei and his trainers Shiseikan elders.