Historical use of the term

The phrase Kashima-no-Tachi literally means “sword of Kashima” and was first used in the 7th century by the priest of the Kashima temple, Kuninazu-no-Mahito like name of the martial art. It is said that Kuninazu-no-Mahito developed the kashima-no-tachi based on an exorcism ceremony known as harai-tachi. This ritual is connected with the God-protector of the martial arts Takemikazuchi-no-kami.


Kashima-shin ryu

The original art Kuninazu-no-Mahito had many ancestors’. One of these was the Kashima shin-ryu school that was created in the 16th century by three men: Matsumoto Bizen-no-Kami Ki no Masamoto, Kamiizumi Ise-no-kami Fujiwara no Genpachiro Kunii and Hidetsuna Kagetsugu. The Kunii family continues to teach the Kashima shin-ryu even today.

The modern Kashima-no-Tachi

As a disciple of Kunii Zen’ya, 18th headmaster of the Kashima shin-ryu, Inaba sensei was taught all the material of the sword and the spear as well as material for certain other weapons. After the death of Kunii sensei he continued to teach the schools curriculum in the premise of Aikido. To honor his deceased teacher Inaba sensei decided to name the sword techniques that he taught Kashima-no-tachi.