The structure of the course

Each course session in the Athens Aikido Sosciety takes about two hours and is divided into three distinct periods. The lesson begins with a series of flexibility and strength exercises that lasts 20 minutes. Next the sword techniques of Kashima-no-tachi are practised and the leson is completed with Taijutsu techniques of Aikido . The sword techniques are an integral part of each lesson and there are no special sessions held for its exclusive study.

Teaching method

Practise in Athens Aikido Sosciety is done through repetition of forms – Kata (型) in Japanese – and includes the study of the techniques of sword (Kenjutsu) of Kashima-no-tachi as well as the study of unarmed combat (Aikido Taijutsu training). The combination of Kenjutsu and Taijutsu training helps in a better and fuller understanding of the basic principles of Aikido and are taught as a single material in each lesson. The Kenjutsu taught in the Athenian Club Aikido derives from Inaba Minoru Shihan (稲葉稔, 9th Dan Aikikai)

Training Schedule

Day Time Type
Monday 21:00-22:45 Kenjutsu-Aikido Advanced class
Tuesday 19:30-21:00 Kenjutsu-Aikido All levels
Wednesday 20:00-21:30 Introductory Class
Thursday 21:00-22:45 Kenjutsu-Aikido All levels

* The Wednesday class is realized only if there is sufficient participation. Therefore if you are interested in observing the beginners class you should contacts us by telephone beforehand.